Thursday, February 23, 2006

Privatizing the ports

What's the big deal about the U.S. ports? Words have been spreading, arguments have been raising, about the pros and cons of selling our ports to foreign governments. Most nobility is the purchase of a British port-terminal management company by a Dubai-government firm. Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates. The TV talk shows are discussing the Dubai-port transaction. They say two of the 9/11 hijackers were from UAE. The UAE reportedly still recognizes the Taliban as the official government of Afghanistan. Congress has been arguing with the President. The President has been arguing with Congress. The main focus is American ports are owned by foreign, and possibility enemy, governments. Even the mainstream media are picking up the story. Like I said: what's the big deal?

I have a solution to all of the officials' problems: privatize the ports. Taking the ports out of the American government, the British government, the UAE government, the China government, the Singapore government, etc., and transferring them to the people who work and use the ports, for profit. In that way, the ports will be run smoothly and efficiently. With the private owner's own capital to risk, the ports will run better than ports run by bureaucratic managers with political agenda.

By the way, there is one more addition to privatizing the ports. This solution is a generic solution to every foreign policy debacle: bring the troops home from 100+ stations across the world, discharging them into the private sector, and dismantling the empire. That way, it minimizes the chances (i.e., to zero) that an individual(s) will want to do harm to our country. But, this makes too much sense. The liberals and the conservatives would never go for this. Privatizing the ports (as well as dismantling the empire) takes too much power away from government (i.e., them). So, the fighting will continue.


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