Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dawson College massacre

A week ago today, 25-year-old gunman Kimveer Gill walked into Dawson College and began shooting, killing Anastasia DeSousa, an 18-year-old student at the Montreal school, plus himself, and injuring 20 others. In the wake of the shooting, Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to tighten the laws than before the massacre. "The current laws did not prevent this incident," said Harper, "and as a government we are seeking more effective laws for the future."

That was the wrong answer to the problem. Tougher gun laws won't make the killings like this any rarer. The correct answer is to repeal gun-control laws, and let peaceful, law-abiding people carry a weapon carte blanche.

We'll face the facts: criminals don't matter whether or not you have a relax or a stringent gun law on the books. They're criminals! They're outlaws, and outlaws mean they don't obey the law. What are the chances the criminal will say to himself, "I want to commit murder or rape with a gun, but since it's against the law to carry a gun, I can't do it." Answer: zero! Gun-laws laws only disarm the peaceful and law-abiding, that's it.

In John Lott's famous book, More Guns, Less Crime, he makes a convincing case that if gun-laws are relaxed, the crime goes down, and if the gun-laws are more strict, the crime goes up. For example, Vermont has the least-restrictive laws in the country (Vermont doesn't have a gun carry laws), and Vermont has the second-fewest violent crimes per capita in the states (only North Dakoda, a "gun-friendly" state, has fewer). On the other side, Washington D.C. has the most-restrictive laws in America (in Washington, you have to disassemble your weapon inside your home!), and DC has the highest violent crimes per capita in the states.

People carrying a concealed gun have the surprise over their attacker. For example, consider 56-year-old Margaret Johnson. She is a New York resident who was being robbed at her home, and she was on a wheelchair. She was able to defend herself with a concealed .357 Magnum which she used to shoot her surprised attacker.

Even if a killer wants to die, like Gill, an armed populace will grant his wishes before he shoots down 21 or so innocent bystanders.

The bottom line: gun-control laws only disarm the law-abiding, while it will do nothing for the law-breakers. Gun-control laws are a violent criminal's best friend. Repeal them.


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