Thursday, February 22, 2007

The "value" of public schools

Here is another article by Jacob Hornberger praising public (i.e., government) schools...ironically. The real facts are that public schools are the epiphany of socialism, pure and simple. It's just like the military, or prison. For 12 long years (kind of like a 12-year sentence), in the most impressionable age, the students' mind are shaped and conformed into conformity and obedience to authority, just like the recruits' mind is molded to never question orders given by an officer.

What if an independent, intelligent, free-natured student enters a structured setting like a public school. The student will get board and hate it. Since the schools want to graduate students by the time they turns 18 (or close to it, as the students' birthdays may fall on the calender), the curriculum is set up to the lowest common denominator. That leaves the intelligent students with classes to ace with no effort, and leaves the student board with time on his hands. If the subjects doesn't interest the student, that student comes to hate school, and the 12 years feels like an eternity.

I graduated high-school with one B, the rest were As, and it was a breeze. In my younger, impressionable mind, I thought all school was easy. But entering college, the subjects were harder, and I delayed it and delayed it, until it was too late, and my grades show for it. Now, my daughter loathes school, and I can bet school is a boar for her, too. I know she is smarter than I. And she fits into an independent thinker's mindset that the rigid, compulsive, government control and approved education would clash. High-school is not the problem; it's beyond high-school, especially in her mind she thinks all school is a breeze. I wish that school Hornberger envisioned is for real. But, this is 21st century America, and schools are socialist in nature, and controlled, directly or indirectly by the government. At least maybe I can influence the outcome.


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