Friday, March 03, 2006

March 2

Three things happened in March 2; two sad, and one proud. First and foremost, Harry Browne passed away. He was 72. He actually died March 1, but a few hours from the 2nd. Now, I first heard about libertarianism in early 2002, so Browne was finished campaigning before I even heard of the concept. But I quickly realized the impact Browne had on the libertarian movement. He was President and Senior Political Analyst for the Free Market News Network, Director of Public Policy for, contributor to, a friend of the Advocates of Self-Government, and a devoted champion of liberty. Also Browne was the only 2-time Libertarian Candidate for President. I personally am not fond of politics. I would rather be a staunch advocate of the libertarian philosophy. But, two men who are the staunchest advocates as me are the past three Libertarian Presidential Candidates: Michael Badnarik ('04) and Harry Browne ('96 and '00). And personally, Browne sold me on the concept of his Permanent Portfolio, which I will show it to you, for his sake. For the brief time I've known him, he would be truly missed.

Also, today would be the 80th birthday of Murray Rothbard. As I said about Browne, Rothbard passed away eight years before I thought of libertarianism, but what I have heard, Rothbard remained an icon in the lives of hardcore libertarians and voluntarists everywhere. Rothbard is in a class as Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand. With the advent of the Internet, Rothbard's legacy is no more than a few clicks away. Meanwhile, read what Roderick T. Long wrote on Rothbard's death in 1995.

Now, for some good news. In Texas, March 2 is an important day. Today, in 1836, fifty-eight Texans signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. I know I'm from Oklahoma, but I was born and lived the first six years of my life in Corpus Christi, my relatives lives in Dallas, and my best friend lives in Austin, and, except for OU, I would rather be in Texas today. Texas is the only state who, once before, lived as a sovereign nation. I can go on and on about Texas, but I will let Michael Badnarik tell you about the Declaration. Long live Texas!


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