Sunday, April 23, 2006

We can make this happen, because the TRUTH shall set us FREE!!

I will use an exception on this one. As a general rule, I don't promote anything financially unless I see it first. Aaron Russo's new movie, America...From Freedom To Fascism, didn't get to OKC, so I did not get to see it personally. However, I know people who did, and I read many articles from people who have seen it, and they sat in a packed house every time. Night after night after night, people give this movie a standing ovation. And, most notably, every one felt disturbed after they watched it, even if they think they are happy with the way our government had been operating before. If the film strikes a chord with the people across the spectrum, you made an incredible film. I could be wrong, but I think this movie, by itself, has the capability to turn more people around, and make this country a freer, more prosperous land like it once was, than anything else!

But, there is one problem. Russo has found a releasing company to release this movie, so the movie will be aired across the nation. But, he has no studio, and thus, no money for promoting, marketing, and advertising the movie. If we get the movie to all across the land, but the people don't see it, the movie fizzles out before it begun. That's where the people come in. This is the time, and the time is now. There isn't going to be a second chance to make a greater impact on the freedom philosophy than right now. There is an email by Franklin Sanders asking the people to give the money for the promotion, marking, and advertising the movie so the average citizen will be motivated to watch the film. If we get more and more people to at least see the movie, America will have the greatest chance to turn our country around for a free society again. Read Sanders' speech, and give accordingly.


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