Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jill Carroll

American freelance journalist Jill Carroll was released unharmed by members of the Iraqi insurgency on March 30, 2006. She was kidnapped in Baghdad nearly three months earlier, on January 7. Within days of her release, a video of Carroll, made the night before her release, appeared. In this video, Carroll was slamming American forces and praising the Iraqi insurgents. She portrays the Americans as "occupiers" and the insurgents as "good people fighting an honorable fight".

However, on April 1st, after Carroll was safely back home, a statement released by Carroll through the Christian Science Monitor's website reversing what she said in the video. Carroll states the only reason why she made the video because she feared for her life. Carroll calls her captors "criminals, at best" and she is "deeply angry" at them.

Did you hear that, George W. Bush and the rest of other neo-conservative federal officials? People who use "torture" for "investigation" produce inaccurate results.


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