Sunday, May 28, 2006

Respectables in the Heartland

I read an article by Robert Higgs that will make you depressed, if you are for the principles of liberty. His story simply states the mainstream conservatives who believe in the philosophy of "small government" genre, wouldn't know a true small-government if it hit them in the face. They still believe that government is good and proper, especially when Republicans are at the helm. Do you want to know a little secret: conservatives are no different than liberals. They both believe in whatever the government tells them, whether or not you prove them otherwise. If you do, that just makes the mainstream YOU!

In reading the next to last paragraph, in the middle of the paragraph, it says, "Coming away from the event, my overwhelming impression was that the government has absolutely nothing to worry about." How sad but true that is. From my personal experience, it is true in Oklahoma!

I wrote a letter to my local paper last week. My letter was about the trivialness competing between a liberal versus a conservative, or a Democrat versus a Republican. Both are Big Government, pro-war hawks. I ended with a return to a paradigm of liberty. On social issues, we should repeal all of that socialist welfare-state garbage, including the taxes that will pay for it. My fatal flaw was I reminded them the controversial but true case that there is no law today which requires most Americans to file a form and pay taxes anyway.

My letters before the last, the paper published them within a week. But not this one. Maybe there is a new editor who is not a pro-free press person. I don't know. The last paper had only three opinions with plenty of space for a fourth. But not mine. I believe there are two reasons why I didn't get published: the paper was too scared to print my letter, or the population of my town was too angry to believe the reality of my paper. In both cases, liberty is headed for a fall.

UPDATE: Finally, it ran my story. Whether it was good journalistic and 1st Amendment ethics, or it had only three letters in today's editorial page and my letter made up half of the page, I will refer to the former. Here is my letter.


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