Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Natural laws trump man-made laws

Whenever a man-made law, especially a government-made law, conflicts with a natural law, the natural law will win every time. Case in point, the federal government put in 4 billion dollars and spent 2 years trying to wipe out cocaine in Colombia, and Colombia is growing more coca than when the program started (coca is the main ingredient in cocaine).

You can't pass a new law, and that law will alter the law of supply-and-demand, just like a new law will alter the law of gravity. With all drugs; in fact, with all commodities, whenever you make that commodity illegal, you ultimately raise the prices considerably, which means more profits for the distributor, which means more distributors.

Since drugs are illegal, dealers don't use the legal avenues to settle disputes, so dealers turn to violence. And that violence might take an innocent victim. And since drugs are illegal, you don't know how strong or if there is an unknown quantity in your drugs. I know how strong and what quantity of alcohol there is in my tequila or beer. I don't know how strong or what quantity of drugs there is in my ecstasy or acid. Unknown quantity leads to sickness, or death (do you remember Maryland Terrapin player and basketball star Len Bias?).

Whenever you arrest a dealer, you make a void, and eventually someone else to fill the void, if the money is right. You end up with what is happening today: jails filled to capacity, and more and more drugs to go around. Some dealers are stupid, and make a lot of mistakes, and they will be arrested quickly. While others are smart, and make few mistakes, and they live a long time without being put in prison. But make no mistake: for every dealer in jail, there is a future dealer who will take the place.

Besides, whether drugs are legal or illegal, I can bet you will take the same amount of drugs.

What you will get by making drugs illegal is higher prices, gangs and violence, impure mixtures, but drugs on every corner.

I say end this futile and wasteful war on drugs, once and for all.


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