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Are we free in America?

Does America mean freedom? Is America a free country? .... Is it obvious?? Now, the pro-government side said, "America IS free!" They refer to slogans like "America - the land of the free" or song lyrics like, "I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free." They stand on the streets waving "Old Glory" in the air, basting in our "freedoms".

At the same time, they are for an amendment prohibiting physical desecration of the flag. Even though the Supreme Court says it is a right espoused in the 1st Amendment, burning the flag (which they lawfully owned) in protest, according to the pro-government faction, is "un-American".

However, there are some people who speaks the truth about America being free. Most notably is Aaron Russo. His film, America: Freedom to Fascism, says America, a century ago, used to be free. But as time goes by, America drifted away towards tyranny. It is the same opinion from the pro-liberty advocates, from Robert Schulz to Jacob Hornberger.

In his book, They Thought They Were Free, Milton Mayer wrote about how the German people kept believing they were still free while the Nazis were tightening their control and extending their power over every facet of life. At first people refused to see the obvious, because the infringements were coming in small steps. But by the time you could no longer ignore the big picture, it was too late. Remember, all the people have to do for this to happen was--nothing. The same phenomenon is happening right here, right now, in the U.S. of A. It had been proceeding at a slower rate than 70 years ago in Germany, but now the pace quickens.

I know there are some who will say, "Wait a minute! You are going too far! America is still a free country." Okay then. If you're free, you should have no trouble doing something that people have done for the beginning of civilization. Buy a cow, shelter and feed and care for it, milk it, and sell the milk. Go ahead, try it, and see what happens. Come back and let us know how free you are for trying a simple and easy thing like that.

Freedom is a state of being where an individual does not have to get permission in order to do something that harms no one else's person or property. How many things can you do without getting permission from the government? Can you build your house on your own property without obtaining government approval? Can you put a new room on your house? Or a new porch? Put a new toilet? Or even put a shed in your backyard? If you are not free to make improvements on your home on your property, you are not free.

Once you have that home, can you refuse to sell it to the government if they want to use your land for some other purpose? Can you make them go away by simply saying, "I will not sell you my property, at any price!" If you are not free to choose if, when, how, to whom, and for how much you will sell your property, you are not free.

Can you drive a motor vehicle across this "free" country without someone in government approving of you as a driver? Or getting government permission to use that vehicle on the roads? If you are not free to travel without permission, you are not free.

Can you buy a pistol without government permission? Can you drive across the country with it on your person, even if you have permission to drive a properly permitted vehicle? Could anyone even ride a horse cross-country, with an old Winchester rifle in a scabbard, without being hassled? If you are not free to have a firearm at hand for self-defense, no matter where you go, you are not free.

Are you free to say to the government, "I don't like your retirement plan; therefore, I will no longer pay for it"? Can you, without penalty, tell the government that you will no longer pay for subsidies, for regulations, for wars, for empire, or for any activities that you disapprove? If you are not free to refuse to pay for things that you do not want, you are not free.

If the government decides it needs more troops to build and maintain its empire, can you refuse to go if it calls for you? Will they leave you alone if you tell them you won't kill and die for them? Can you simply ignore the draft, without consequences? Can you refused to be a conscripted slave? If you are not free to tell the government, "Hell no, I won't go!", you are not free.

Can you open a business, like a simple barbershop, without government permission? Or how about a bakery? A diner? A hot dog stand? A gun shop? Can you wire or plumb or fix TVs or cars without a government license? If you are not free to make a living without getting the government's permission, you are not free.

And once you have government approval to open a restaurant or bar, are you free to decide what people may do within your business? Can you choose whether or not they may smoke on the premises? Are you free to invite them to light up and enjoy a cigarette, a cigar, or a pipe with their drink, or after their meal? If you are not free to decide what people may or may not do on your property or within your business, you are not free.

Are you free to smoke a joint? Are you free to hire someone to help you satisfy a physical urge? You can do both in a same afternoon in Amsterdam. I haven't heard of anybody attacking the Dutch because of their freedoms. If you are not free to entertain your mind and body in any way that doesn't harm another, with anyone who is willing, you are not free.

Can you undergo any medical treatment you think is in your best interest? Can you choose whatever drug you deem appropriate for your condition? Can you even get some marijuana to help you avoid nausea so you can keep your meds from coming back up? Can you get it just to feel a little better for a little while? If you are not free to pursue any treatment or use any substance you think might help you obtain, regain, or retain your health, you are not free.

Can you take your children out of a government or a conventional private school setting, without explaining to some bureaucrat how you plan to educate them? Can you homeschool them without getting government approval of your lesson plans? Can you tell everyone to buzz off, that it's none of their business how you educate you kids? If you are not free to teach your children what you want, where you want, when you want, and how you want, you are not free.

So, let's reiterate. You need government permission to make your home, travel, earn a living, defend yourself, obtain medical treatment, and educate your children. You will never get government permission (i.e., make it illegal) to entertain your mind and body in unapproved ways. You must sell your property to the government if they want it, and you must kill and die for them if they tell you to. And you have no choice but to pay for it all anyway, whether you like it or not.

And to think, we still think America is a free country. In the immortal words of Johann von Goethe: "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."


At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 7:15 AM, Blogger Vikas Rai said...

So...we are the companion of journey of mind.

So...what is the the way out. I tried searching what being free means today on google and nothing relevant came out for its meaning.

Question is what can be done about it. I think I have some thoughts. Being free is not state of being free outworldly. Its state of mind. Freedom fighter of Burma (Ank sank suki...sorry spelling incorrect) said to her people "Don't think that you are not free, for, they can control our body, our surrounding, but they cannot enslave our being, mind".

Yet, she is only freedom fighter but she said something about being 'free'.

Also, what does it mean for us in practical life! it means take life as a game and enjoy the game. The circumstances are nothing but hurdles of game. We have to understand it and use it to our advantage and play it.

Let's not be so emotionally involved with surrounding that our happiness and sadness become part of our being. Lets maintain some distance between our being and our surrounding.

I think this is the only way of being free. There appears to be no other free-ness in the whole past of the earthly civilizations.


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