Wednesday, October 04, 2006

State of Denial

Although I didn't read Bob Woodward new book, State of Denial, I've read many reviews. The book deals about the incompetency of George W. Bush and his "team" in dealing with the Iraq war. It is implying that if someone else was in charge of the war, of if Bush would handle it differently, things would be just fine.

The war with Iraq is/was a failure, both morally and efficiency, it doesn't matter who is in charge.

Let's face the facts: whether or not Saddam Hussein was a tyrant (I don't know, and I simply don't care), Iraq didn't attack the United States, or even threatened to do so. But Bush told the American troops to go ahead and attack Iraq. That makes America the aggressor and Iraq the defender--the facts don't lie. Bush (or Cheney?) told the American people the Iraqis will view the troops as "liberators", not "occupiers", they will lay the ground that the troops will walk with rose petals, and the oil will pay for all of this.

All three were lies.

The Bush team said Saddam had WMDs (the "smoking gun will turn into a mushroom cloud" malarkey). They said Saddam had ties to al-Qaeda and Saddam and Osama bin Laden were friends. They said the war with Iraq will last only a short time with a few casualties.

Again, all three were lies.

The best course is to leave Iraq and go home. The Bush team says, "If you won't fight in Baghdad and Tikrit, you will fight in New York and Washington." Need I say more about the amount of truth in any of Bush' statements? Between 9/11 and today, the likeable ratings of the USA to the world are shot. The best course to save lives and dignity is to quit. Anything else is a "State of Denial".


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