Friday, August 24, 2007

Aaron Russo, R.I.P.

I'm sad to tell you that this morning, Aaron Russo lost his fight with cancer. Moment of silence - God rest a patriot's soul! - How sad. May he be honored for doing what he could to restore the Constitution.

The Lone Lantern Society of America and Restore the Republic are two sites closely affiliated with Russo. They are reporting that he had passed away after a long battle with cancer today. Russo was best known in the patriot movement for creating the film America: Freedom to Fascism which exposed the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve as frauds (which I have many posts supporting). Prior to making A:FTF, he made several big budget Hollywood films including The Rose, Trading Places and many others. He also ran for governor in Nevada and for president as a Libertarian in 2004.

Read more about Aaron Russo via his Wikipedia page. There is no doubt that this is a sad day, but we should focus on celebrating his life and the contributions he made to help restore the Constitution and defeat the New World Order. Celebrate Russo's legacy by doing everything you can to fight the coming tyranny, that's what he would have wanted. Our prayers are with Russo's family.

We appreciate you! In his epitaph Russo would prefer, it would be this: "All your freedoms, all the time!” Russo has started millions to see the truth about the battle for liberty, now we will continue the fight.


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