Friday, August 03, 2007

Ron Paul

Do you believe I quit my blog? Not yet--I suspended it for a while until the Ron Paul for President campaign is over. I usually vote for candidates in the Libertarian Party, but Paul is different. I usually vote for the aforementioned, but I vote for the best candidate who supports freedom, and Paul is that candidate. Now, Paul is, and is running as, a Republican. But Paul has what no other candidate has--a track record, and it's a consistent record for a free society.

As one of a major parties, Paul can actually enter the debate and fill the people's minds with a message of freedom. You can't do that if you are a minor party. And you know what? The people responded favorably! He won the majority of the debate polls, he is first in all the Internet polls, and if the people actually hear his message, they are hooked. The Ron Paul fan base are the most vocal group of all.

He sparks more webpages, blogposts, videos, and meetup groups than anybody. I have spending my time reading some of these (and participating in the meetup group in OKC), but there isn't enough time of the day reading all of them. But my favorite blog is Daily Paul. You will read that blog for a while, and you see what I mean! Even Libertarian Presidential candidate Steve Kubby said he will endorse Paul for president if he wins the nomination, and urge fellow Libertarians to vote NOTA. Kubby believes what I believe; liberty is more important than us. And I'll bet if enough people start to hear favorable things about Ron Paul and take time to read about him and his message, he could might win the presidency! He's moving up in the polls. But the greatest enemy is the establishment and the mainstream media, and they are a mighty foe. But Paul has the people! It is too early to tell, but I will be watching! The next post is when Paul has lost, or the next presidential election a year from November. I hope and pray it is the latter! In the meantime, here is a video on Paul's canidadicy for you to watch:

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