Saturday, March 04, 2006

Government intervention fails at everything, including immigration

Like Harry Browne's book, Why Government Doesn't Work implies, government fails at everything. Government produces unintended results. When federal officials pass a law outlawing something which has no victim (i.e., victimless crime, an oxymoron), that law is doomed to falter. When federal officials see it is failing, they don't repeal that law; on the contrary, they enact more laws to force the initial law to work. When they see this laws has failed, they pass even more laws to force the initial two laws to work. When they see that all three laws don't get the picture. Finally, the federal officials pass enough laws to deprived the innocent private sector of its social and economic liberty, and the first law, and the sequential laws thereafter, failed to do what is expected.

The textbook example of this phenomenon is immigration. First, the federal officials pass a law forbidding immigrants to freely come here and work. Immigrants want to come here and work; else, they wouldn't come. American employers want to hire the immigrants; else, they would refuse to hire them. In other words, it is a victimless crime. But, the federal officials want to throw a wench in the supply-and-demand chain and pass laws forbidding the immigrants to work.

When it doesn't work, it angers federal officials. They can't believe the intervention didn't work as planned. So they pass new laws forbidding transportation and harboring immigrants. If the people don't want to transport immigrants around, they wouldn't do it. Again, this is a victimless crime. But this time, the feds say, it will work.

When it fails to work, it gets the feds mad. They cannot understand why the intervention didn't work. So they pass a law barring Americans to hire immigrants. But, like I said, Americans want to hire immigrants, and immigrants want to be hired; else, they would leave. But this time for sure, the feds say, they are confident it will work.

When it doesn't work, that is the last straw. Now, U.S. officials are requiring churches to check immigrant legal status before helping parishioners out. But, as always, the members of the church refused to check. In a tremendous act of moral and political courage, Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney has publicly announced he will violate this law. Mahoney obviously understands when man's laws conflict with God's second-greatest commandment (love thy neighbor), a Christian will have no choice: he must obey God's laws and reject the laws of man (as Peter and the other apostles instructed in Act 5:29). I wish the government should obey God's laws and to repeal bad immigration laws that defy the Word of God. That is the Christian thing (and America is supposed to be a nation of Christians) to do.


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