Sunday, May 14, 2006

Here we go again

George W. Bush is at it again. Now, he is monitoring all of our phone calls. Not a few, not some, but millions of call records were turned over to the federal government. Only the Denver-based Qwest refused to give up their customer's records, on account of the questionable legality. This is another example of how Bush is trashing the Bill of Rights. The last time that he was spying on the American people was in the beginning of 2005, barely over a year from now.

I don't believe it. I don't believe it at all. I guess George Orwell's predictions came true; the only inaccuracy is he is late 22 years, that's all. Now, Bush replied, "The intelligence activities I authorized are lawful", and the people believed and supported him. I guess that he is George W. Bush--"The Decider". His plan is working flawlessly. He produce the fears of the people, frighten them to death, then impose dictatorial powers in order to "protect the masses" from the evils of the "terrorists". I thought that the president is dumb, but if he did what he intended to do, and the people conclude what they did, I have to tell you; George W. Bush played the situation masterfully.

But, the Framers are geniuses as well. They foresaw a tyrannical government in the future, even if the people develop their government with good intentions. That is why the underlying principle of the Constitution, with the three equal branches of government, checks and balances, and adding a Bill of Rights before ratification; is they recognize the greatest threat to the freedom and liberty of its citizenry lies with their own government. The only thing positive out of this situation is more people will believe Aaron Russo's movie, America: From Freedom To Fascism when it aires nationwide in 2 months (UPDATE: AFFF will be now airing nationally late July).


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