Thursday, July 20, 2006

The trouble with liberals

You should read Jacob Hornberger's column, "The Trouble with Liberals". Two weeks ago, I posted an article by Hornberger titled, "The Trouble with Conservatives". Don't accuse me, like Hornberger, of not being fair! As for liberals, Hornberger is referring to 21st century Big Government liberals, not 19th century classical liberals. At the start of his column, he said, "The trouble with liberals is twofold: they have a horrible blindspot with respect to moral principles, and they have an abysmal understanding of economic principles." He backs that up with the welfare-state mindset and stealing, the lesson of Thanksgiving, and the minimum wage.

On moral principles, the Webster Dictionary's definition of "stealing" is an act of taking the property of another without another's consent. In the private sector, the concept is easy for liberals to understand. If I held a gun and robbed a liberal, that is the definition of stealing. Let say I robbed a liberal to give to my mother, on account of she is elderly and cannot work. Most of the liberals still say it is stealing nonetheless. But, instead of robbing a liberal, I go up to Washington DC, bribe my Congressmen, that Congressmen pass laws, the IRS forcibly collects the money from liberals (and others), that money goes through the red-tape, and the Social Security Administration sends a check to my mother.

It's the same thing, except now the government is involved. But, in the liberal's mind, this changes everything. To the liberal, the act now seems wholesome. But, it's the same act.

I confess I, too, stole from the welfare piggy-bank once. Around the turn of the millennium, an ice storm blanketed Midwest City (MWC). My phone rang, and it was my mom, telling me MWC was labeled a "hazard area" or something like that, and I could get FEMA to pay for the equipment to clean my yard. Now my yard looked fine, but the limbs were on the ground, so I can use the government to pay for a chain saw. A part of me was ashamed because I didn't work for the money to pay the price of the chain saw; that's why the chain saw is the only thing I had the government to pay.

But, on the other hand, it's from the government! I couldn't connect the dots back then that it was the taxpayers--my friends and family--who paid for the chain saw; it was two years after this when my eyes were finely opened to the libertarian philosophy. Before, I thought I was a conservative, and taking from the government seems okay.

However, this is expected from a liberal. In fact, it's expected from a liberal in every situation. When you add the government, the immoral transforms to a moral act. But in reality, it's the same act.

Also, liberals haven't got a clue about economics. Do you remember the real history of the first Thanksgiving? You won't hear it from the government (i.e., public) education. It taught us when we get away from a free-market, capitalistic philosophy in order for government to "help the poor", the poor will get hurt the most.

Take the minimum wage laws. Liberals say having minimum wage helps the poor to earn a "living wage", and raising the minimum wage helps the poor to live more conformably. But, in reality, when you set a minimum wage, those workers whose labor is valued below the minimum wage will go unemployed, so if you raise the minimum wage, you raise the unemployment as well.

Let's face the facts, America is not free. In fact, America is a communist country. In spite of the majority of the people, America has all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto. Karl Marx said if a nation had all 10 planks, that nation is practicing communism. Look at Karl Marx' phrase. On the surface, it's a nice slogan, but it's pure communism. Like the Soviet Union, all communist countries have the same fate. Look at my last post, and you will see the final outcome for our country, if we don't change the situation...and fast!


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