Thursday, August 10, 2006

Joe Lieberman and the Clintons

When I referred you my post titled, "The trouble with conservatives" , I said conservatives are nothing more than hypocrites. Well, add to that liberals. Before the Connecticut primary run-offs, both Bill and Hillary Clinton backed Joe Lieberman for Senator. In fact, President Clinton toured with Lieberman, defending his support of the war. Hillary is a pro-war hawk, also.

But after Lieberman's loss to Ted Lamont, the Clintons turn tail and backed Lamont, who is anti-war. The first day after Lieberman lost, Senator Clinton, campaigning mainly for herself, was barraged by questions about her likeness to Lieberman. The real reason is now Lamont is registered as a Democrat, and Lieberman has no choice but to register as an independent. It doesn't matter if the candidate is for the war, against the war, interventionist, isolationist, non-interventionist, gun-freedom, gun-control, tax cuts, repeal the tax other words, the Democratic Party is a joke! And it is the same with the Republican Party, too (do you remember Rudy Giuliani?)

Now, I am a principled libertarian; which means I stand on basic moral concepts, all day, all the time, without exception. The principles I believe in are individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government, and I vote for the candidates who closely resemble those 3 beliefs (I am against the war, non-interventionist, 2nd Amendment without compromise, and tax elimination). If a Democratic candidate is nearer to those 3 principles than the rest, I vote for the Democrat. If a Republican candidate represents those 3 beliefs closer than the rest, I vote for the Republican. It is the same with Libertarian, Green, Reform; whatever (although the Libertarian candidate will vote for my beliefs more often than not).

But, after the Connecticut Primary Run-Off, a part of me is drawn to vote for Lieberman. When you're at an election, vote for any candidate you'll want...except a Republican or a Democrat. But Lieberman says he is a "devoted Democrat" , and he is standfast for the the Clintons. But the Clintons believe your party is more important than your country. What a creep. However, I don't live in Connecticut anyway, so this post is mute.


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