Friday, October 06, 2006

A pattern and a solution to the school shootings

You can look at it, and re-look at it, and re-look at it again, and it makes no sense what happened at the pattern of the recent school shootings in America. It takes a twisted mind which I cannot understand to sexually molest girls at one school, and tie-up and murder girls at another. It makes no sense to me at all.

But I am sure it will happen in the future. So what will we going to do about it then?

Some groups claim we should crack down hard on guns. We should restrict the enterways and exitways to one lane, we could give police with assault guns patrolling in every corner, and do a lock-down drill just in case a parent forgot to check by a security check-point and the school have to do the drill for real.

That, in the previous case, is the wrong thing to do. Do you want your children to live that way in America--America, the so-called "free" country?

The correct way to do it, if they will do it at all, is to arm the teachers, principles, administrators, janitors, and every adult who works in the school. Don't arm them if they don't want do, but give them the option. In fact, arm everybody who wants to be armed regardless on who works in the school or not. Now, there are two simple and basic facts in society: 1) most Americans are good, honest, and law-abiding, but: 2) there is evil in this world, and a closer look will expose an interesting truth: all schools in question are "gun free". When any business is gun free, honest and law-abiding Americans disarm. Criminals, on the other hand, don't. There criminals! "Gun-control" laws really mean "victim-disarmament" laws. The unfortunate and unintended consequence of the federal law banning all guns from schools is that they, in essence, create "defense-free" zones for criminals.

The Founders were right. They know the people have an unalienable right to protect themselves, their family and friends, their property, and their liberty, so the Founders wrote the 2nd Amendment. That way, they have a right to defend and the same time be free. In fact, one Wisconsin State Representative is doing exactly the same as I proposed.

It is time for Americans to learn how to defend themselves again. Attacks like these will only increase until the average American is willing to fight back, and arm oneself with the proper equipment to handle the situation.


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