Sunday, March 05, 2006

A famous anchorman sees it "the way it is"

Walter Cronkite, a famous anchorman for CBS, is telling the truth about the futile war on drugs. The war on drugs is a failure. Now I admit, drugs are bad, but the war on drugs is a lot, lot worse. The average innocent person will lose his/her rights, especially the rights found in the Fourth Amendment. The United States, the "land of the free", has the #1 prisoners per capita in all the world. And you know what? In the 30 years in which we have the "War of Drugs", drugs are more prevalent than ever. And most of all, you have a God-given right to ingest anything you want with YOUR body. It's yours and yours alone. Not mine, or anyone else. It's your body. And thus, you will pay the consequences of your actions, not me. My last post titled, "Even a police chief says the war on drugs is a complete failure" says it all. Now, Walter Cronkite is jumping on the bandwagon. He even offers a solution; the Drug Policy Alliance. But, certain individuals have been making themselves wealthy fighting the losing drug war. So, the war will continue indefinitely, until our country is headed for complete destruction.


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