Friday, March 10, 2006

Ideas on freedom

America is going downhill. With the war, the Patriot Act, the Real ID Act, the eroding away of our freedoms, the advocates of liberty might say, "I'm done." "It's over." "I'm through." All they can do is "reform" the system, even if they think they are doing it in a "free market way". The thought of making a true libertarian difference by "repealing" the welfare/warfare mentality is, in their mindset, a pipe-dream. In their minds, reform is the best bet.

Although it may be true, an equal number of people think there is another way than this. The vast majority believe that the two major parties share the same vision for America, and that vision is not for them. That society is what we should focus on. Sharing ideas with others, especially ideas on freedom, is the best bet for restoring moral principles of the libertarian philosophy to the people and the restoration of freedom to America.

Jacob Hornberger said it best: "Ideas matter--they have consequences--they move people to action." When an idea enters into someone else's mind, great things can happen. Consider when China, one of the most powerful governments in the world, imposed restrictions on the Chinese websites. Why did they control the Internet? China has all the guns and obedient solders who blindly obey orders on command. Why did they worry about citizens visiting "non-approved" websites? The Chinese know what I know: the power of truth and ideas. When an idea, especially ideas about freedom and liberty, simply entered into someone's mind and take hold, it can change the direction of the nation, and the Chinese government officials are scared to death!

And today, the free-flow of ideas are reaching warp speed, thank to the Internet. Before the Internet, if we want to spread ideas, we have to publish books or newsletters, or purchase time on the television or radio, or send letters-to-the-editors to the newspapers, or deliver speeches to small crowds. Now, when we finish our thoughts, we simply click on the "forward" button, and the thoughts on liberty are sent to unlimited amounts of people, for free.

So perish the thought of simply "reforming" the system. True libertarianism holds the key to our nation's future. And via the Internet, we will spread the truth far and wide, and reverse the direction of our country. Read Hornberger's article, and ask yourself: are spreading of ideas on freedom and liberty the key to the future?


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