Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Freedom to fly

A week from last Friday, it was the continuous school shootings, and the only thing the people can do is to have more government control on guns and gun violence, if that. A week later, a small plane crashed into an apartment building, killing New York Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle and his instructor. In order to make the sky above New York safer, the government must have more government control on planes and over the skies.

Haven't we covered this before?

In both cases--and in every case--there is only one answer: freedom. In the first case, it's the freedom to keep and bear arms that will keep the children safe from harm, as I told you before.

But you say, in the plane-crash scenario, "If we use more government control on private airplanes, we would surely be safer for the pilots and passengers." Maybe, but at what cost? Before Lidle's plane, I don't remember any small plane crashing into any building. The last plane crash in New York I know of is TWA Flight 800. That flight, in 1996, killed all 230 passengers and crew barely after it flew from JFK International Airport. After that crash, they didn't say to ban all flights. Blaming all of the problems on one plane is absurd.

Why don't we let the pilots have the freedom to fly without any restrictions. As you already may know, flying is the safest way to travel. But, if we have flying in freedom, let the pilots have the ultimate responsibility for knowing what to do behind the joystick. The airparks have flying classes with instructors to instruct the student-pilots. But I drove a car without classes when I was 13, and I was doing fine. Now, I wouldn't fly a plane, but it is because there is no person I know that would teach me how to fly. In other words, I don't want to crash! If I was ready and I was confident enough (e.g., finishing the school), then I would fly. But having a pilot's license before I can fly is hogwash. Having a driver's license before I can drive is the same hogwash. Learning how to drive is good enough, and learning how to fly is good enough, too. Remember, it is you flying the plane, and you have to be responsible to know what to do. If you don't, remember this; it is only you who falls.


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